TSC Competition Rules

1) The Challenge

“Find a problem and provide a technological and entrepreneurial solution.”

2) Purpose of Competition

TSC is designed to encourage students in problem finding & solving process by using the concepts in technology and entrepreneurship. Each participant is required to pinpoint a problem in a nearby or faraway community and provide a tangible solution for it. The first part of the challenge consists of making a prototype that can solve the problem pinpointed, and the second part requires a business proposal that can transform one’s idea into a company with growth potential.

3) Rules

Number of Participant(s): You may enter as an individual or a team of 2 or 3 members (no more than 3 members)

Part 1 : Technical Prototype

-Finished product must be your original design. This means you have no limitations in using some or all of the following elements (and beyond); microcontroller motherboard, programming, 3D printed parts, various sensors, mechanical components, and electrical/electronic devices.
-If you choose to use Arduino, please make sure to use genuine Arduino product(s)
-YouTube Demo Video (under 3 minutes): You must create and submit the link to a YouTube Demo Video of your working prototype including explanation of the technical detail. The length should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Part 2: Business Proposal

-You must submit a business proposal that answers the following questions in the submission form
-Describe the problem found and the solution provided
-Market analysis: target market, market need, competition, barriers to entry, and more
-Plans for funding, launching, and projection for growth
Deadline: You must submit your work by September 29th, 2021
Announcement: All winners will be announced by October 6th, 2021
Submissions: All material must be submitted through the online account provided at

4) Judging

Judging will be done by the expert evaluators at SparkLabs who are experienced in investment evaluations for startup companies worldwide.

Judging Criteria for Part 1 : Technical Prototype

-Innovation: 20% (usage of innovative technology)
-Creativity: 20% (diverse and/or distinguished usage of technical components)
-Technical Expertise: 40% (seamless integration and knowledge of all working components)
-Marketability: 20% (adaptability by users and sales potential)

Judging Criteria for Part 2: Business Proposal

-Originality: 20% (how unique is the business idea)
-Feasibility: 40% (how realistic is the plan)
-Contribution: 20% (positive influence of the product/plan)
-Clarity: 20% (effectiveness of the logical and visual representation)

Winners are selected by combining the scores of Part 1 & Part 2.
*Part 1 will account for 65% of total score and Part 2 will take up 35%